Meeting Raja, a Komodo dragon at London Zoo. Photo: Dave Stock

After completing doctorate in developmental biology, I joined New Scientist magazine as a trainee subeditor before moving on to becoming a reporter and a features editor. I later joined the journal Nature as a senior reporter and editor, news and features. I went freelance in 2007 and write for a variety of outlets on biology and biomedicine, although I do occasionally venture into the world of zoology, as you can see from  my picture.

This photo is from one of my favourite stories about how Komodo dragons (and other reptiles) aren’t as slow-witted as once thought. In fact, you can train dragons using the same techniques used to train dogs, although it’s definitely not something you should try at home!

On my blog, I plan to post news about articles I have written, together with links and extra bits and bobs that didn’t make it into print but might nonetheless be of interest to readers.

In addition to my blog, you can find examples of my work posted on the other pages of this site. I’m also on Twitter, as @ClaireAinsworth.and on Mastodon as @claireainsworth@mastodon.social.